IMDB and Talabotman: Podcast and Q+A  with Axel Boman

IMDB and Talabotman: Podcast and Q+A with Axel Boman

Axel Boman is acknowledged as one of Sweden’s most skillful and respected local DJs, and he is making a strong case to be considered as one of the festival's highlights. With a sound that has been described as “weird Jamaican space disco" you can rest assured that this isn't your standard run-of-the-mill house. In preparation for his debut Cake set, Boman has given us a quick Q+A to go alongside a very infectious podcast... do not miss Sweden's finest!

You’re older brother was a collector of house and techno records when you were growing up. Did he sneak you into parties when you were younger? Not really! He is 6 years older than me and when he first was into acid house i was like 10 years old. But I used to sneak into his room to listen to the cassettes he picked up in London - the birth of my music interest was right there. 

Surely you went crate digging together, right? Never! But he did use to buy me music for my birthday… 

Did he show you any records that you’ll never forget? He introduced me to The Orb, which led me deep into the realms of ambient music for a couple of years, haha.

You’re a self-proclaimed excellent cook, so what is your specialty? I do a killer spaghetti puttanesca! The simple things in life..

Do you manage to eat well while you’re touring? I don't. I stuff myself with all kinds of unhealthy things, i have no self control. 

There’s going to be a food rave (a food area) at Let Them Eat Cake, are you going to be getting around that? Hells yes! 

You collaborated with John Talabot as Talaboman earlier this year, which was an amazing pairing. How did that come about? We've been friends for years and he contacted me for a collaboration for his DJ Kicks mix. We really had fun in my studio in Stockholm and we are producing more things soon in his studio in Barcelona.

Do you plan on working together again? Who are other artists you’d like to collab with in the future? It’s very random for me, but I'd love to work with Seven Davis JR. 

Did you know that you have an IMDB page crediting you for your work in a couple of movies? No I didn't, haha.

Anyone can have a Facebook page, but IMDB can’t be bought. How do you compare composing to producing? I've done a lot of music for TV, films, art installations and performances. I really like it, it’s nice to be outside of contexts that are already pretty set, like dance music. And i use the stuff i learn there in more conventional music.

Are you going to update your IMDB account with a photo any time soon? guess so!

There’s lots of talk about your butt in interviews, because someone coined the nickname Rumba (‘bum’) for you instead of Axel (which is ‘shoulder’ in Swedish). Will you be dropping Anaconda in your sets anytime soon as a shout out to yourself? The Swedish word for ass is "rumpa"! I don't know what Anaconda is but i'll say yes to that! Or even a remix of it?

You were in Australia back in 2013 for some clubs shows for your first time. How did you find the experience? Was Australia all you expected? What are you looking forward to this time around? It was amazing and i really want to come back! This time around I hope to make more Aussie friends, eat some kangaroo and spread the Swedish underground house gospel to try and balance the not so underground Swedish house gospel that is conquering the world at the moment ;)